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Located in the heart of the entertainment industry, close to major studios, our facility is fully equipped to meet the demands of modern music and sound production in all facets, featuring:

• 5.1 surround mixing and control room
• 4x4 double walled "platinum" isolation booth for soloists, vocals 
• Two adjacent open tracking spaces, approximately 12'x10' and 14'x10'
• Avid Pro-Tools
• Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase with CC121 integrated controller
• Universal Audio outboard preamps and compressors (2)
• Chandler LTD-1 (Neve clone) preamps (2)
• Millennia Media HV3D-8 preamps (8)
• Lynx Aurora (n) preamps (4) + 16AES I/O + 16 analog I/O
• Primary converters: Lynx Hilo
• All Mogami gold cabling throughout
• Stereo monitors: Focal Trio 6 Be
• Surround and center monitors: ATC scm-20-2
• Monitor control by Coleman Audio
• Plug-ins: UAD, Plug-in Alliance, Altiverb, Waves, Izotope RX Advanced--and hundreds more
• 28-core Mac Pro 7,1 Rack Edition - Intel w/4.4GHz overclocking
•Various instruments, amps, cabinets including Tama Starclassic Maple 6-piece drum kit,
Taylor 514 CE acoustic, Les Paul, Stratocaster guitars, Lakland Skyline Bass
• Various mics including Microtech Gefell UMT 70s-FET,
Townsend Labs Sphere (2), Austrian Audio OC818 (2) Peluso CEMC-6 (4) and more

For more information, please inquire. 

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