SHAUN DREW is a music composer, producer and arranger of distinction. His multi-colored and modern sound palette is marked with sophistication and maturity, and by an ability to harmoniously balance technical prowess with a visceral, emotive, often spiritual quality.

Shaun is known for his work as a film and TV composer, and for his collaborations with various LA-area artists and bands as an arranger and producer. A prolific writer for strings, Shaun often infuses his signature style with the orchestral sound by employing guitars, drums, keyboards, bass, ambient textures, and percussion, Shaun's primary instrument. Haunting melodies and intricate rhythmic phrasings are among the hallmarks of his compositional style. 

Since 2015, Shaun has worked for Warner Brothers Animation as the composer for DC Super Hero Girls, the original animated franchise, which WBA has helped develop into a billion-dollar brand for DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. To date, Shaun has created nearly 600 minutes of original music for the brand's TV special, Superhero High, multiple video releases, an internet series  and on-demand content. To date the YouTube shorts have earned 150 million views. Shaun also composed music for the 75th anniversary DC Comics documentary, Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics. He created over 80 minutes of orchestral score in less than three weeks for the project. Shaun contributed the main musical themes for The Kid: Chamaco (Maya Entertainment), an indy boxing drama starring Martin Sheen and Michael Madsen, which was shot in Mexico. His first solo recording effort, an ambient album called The Great Dissolve, was met with positive critical reviews, garnering comparisons to pioneering electronic composers Brian Eno and Wendy Carlos. The record was honored as a finalist by the Independent Music Awards.

Shaun scored The Vault, a bank heist and horror genre mash-up film starring James Franco, Taryn Manning and Francesca Eastwood. A US and UK theatrical release of the film occurred in September of 2017. 

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